Why Hire Me

Why hiring an interior designer is worth it?

It might sound strange that hiring a professional will help you save money since the overall cost will include the designer’s fee and other related expenses. But hiring an interior designer can be helpful for owners as they will reduce unwanted spending and prevent costly mistakes.

One of our core beliefs at Brooke Geary Designs is that everyone deserves to live in an incredible space that brings comfort and joy. Your space should not only look amazing, but it should reflect your personality and style, and should function in a way that works with how you live your life. It might sound impossible, and that’s because incredible interior design does not happen by chance. Great spaces are carefully explored, planned, and curated.

Save Money

Ever bought a piece of furniture that looked good in the store, but was too big once you got it home? Ever painted three or four times trying to find the right color palette? Hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home. If you are on a tight budget, a designer is going to know how to get the best value out of what you can spend.

Save Time

We start with the two things most people wish they could have more of: time and money. Just like hiring a designer will benefit you financially, they will also save you time. A designer already has a trained sense of what needs to be completed and when it needs to be done, and they will be able to anticipate any obstacles that may come up.

Increase Your Property Value

You are going to increase the value of your property and/or monthly income streams from rental properties.

In a recent short-term rental project, we increased the daily rate by more than 50% compared to the previous yearly rates. Not only does design impact daily rates but also can increase property values by 50% or more.

The mission behind Brooke Geary Designs is to help owners "increase profits through design."

Get A Professional Assessment

A trained pair of eyes will see things you are likely to miss. Interior design is a delicate balance of art and science, and good interior designers have studied both, so they know how to put them together.

The Wow Factor

Interior designers are trained to think creatively and spatially. They learn how to see an overall picture in an interior space that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to home decor is what designers do on the regular. Not only will you get a good design sense, but you’ll also get attention to detail: from proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices, color palette, and fixture options.

Not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but it will be well thought out and highly functional. People notice a well-designed home.