Increasing Profits through Design

Custom Designs, Redesigns, Curated Rooms

My job is not to take over your home with my ideas. It is to curate a beautiful home together with you. My top priority is to help you choose the right pieces for your project and save you time and money by providing sound interior design advice. I want to help you with the hundreds of decisions throughout the process of creating your perfect space.

Are you ready to transform a space together?

Design Process

Step 1

We kick off the project with a design consultation to get a feel for the space. This will be time spent getting to know each other, hearing what you want out of the space, your budget, your deadlines, etc.

Step 2

Once the letter of agreement is signed and a deposit for the project is put down, send me some inspiration photos of rooms that you like. This will help me to “get inside your head” and figure out what your style is. Next, I will take detailed site measurements. Every outlet, air vent, window, etc. will be noted to make sure the furniture we choose will fit into the space. I will also take detailed photos of the area as well as any furniture you plan to keep. Using this information, I will create a floor plan of the space.

Step 3

I take what I have learned about you and your style and turn it into a beautiful design for your home. This part is the most time-consuming part of a project and with much behind-the-scenes work. It can be hard since there are not always immediate results at this stage. But trust me, it will be worth the wait! We will start making product selections and furniture plans that meet your approval as we progress. Your feedback is essential so that I can be sure I am translating your style into the space of your dreams. Once everything has been approved, we will order everything we need for your project.

Step 4

This is the most exciting part – construction and installation of all furniture and accessories. Your patience will be rewarded when we finally reveal a beautiful space for your family that brings you joy now and for years to come!